How It Works

Why Stuff for Good
When most people think about donating to charity, they are thinking about how much money they could afford to give, if any. Unfortunately, the percentage of U.S. households making donations has been declining steadily over the last 20 years, and we believe that the current system of giving is to blame. We decided to change the rules so that everyone has the power to be a donor.

When we created Stuff for Good, our goal was to revolutionize the world of online shopping by providing a way for consumers to support and donate to their favorite causes through our marketplace. Donors offer up their “stuff” to be sold in support of charities and faith-based organizations, and charitably minded buyers get the goods they are looking for.

Much like other online resale marketplaces, you can buy and sell new or used items with people all over the nation from the convenience of your home. But here at Stuff for Good, those transactions result in lasting impact throughout our communities.

Seller Experience
1. Create your account.
2. List your stuff on our site.
3. Select an organization to benefit from your sale.
4. Communicate with buyers as necessary.
5. Deliver your items to the buyer.

Buyer Experience
1. Think about all the cool stuff you’d like to buy.
2. Create your account.
3. Shop for specific items or by the causes you care about.
4. Enjoy the stuff that you get.
5. Charities benefit from purchases you make.

Organization Experience
1. Sign up with Stuff for Good.
2. Confirm that your organization is a 501(c)3 public charity.
3. Complete financial steps so we can deliver your proceeds.
4. Tell your donors how they can support your organization through buying and selling stuff.