About Us


What if the average American family could give $7,000 to a favorite charity? What if any charitable organization could, in essence, have its own effortless online thrift store with no inventory and no financial risk? Through our proprietary charitable marketplace community, Stuff for Good seeks to make these possible. Donors can receive tax deductions, buyers can receive bargains, and charities can receive financial support and engage supporters around assets other than what is in the bank.

Americans have $700B of stuff they don’t use.

According to research by The NPD Group, the average U.S. household has $7,000 worth of unused items—some that have never been used, most that never will be used again. We hang on to these things because we feel they are valuable, yet we don’t know what to do with them, and we often end up feeling that they own us.

Stuff for Good is a better way to sell.

We consider selling our extra items, yet we don’t want to stage a yard sale or vet fraudulent buyers. We consider throwing away our extra items, yet we sense that packing more landfills with valuable things is not the answer. So in the end, we give up living space and, often, even pay to store these items.

Stuff for Good provides an easy way to recapture the value of our stuff by getting it to buyers who will use or enjoy it. Donating the proceeds to charity not only feels good, but it also makes sense.

Doing good. Being profitable.

Rather than being a charity itself, Stuff for Good makes an impact as a business that supports charities and charitable giving. We allow donors to list what they have and offer it for sale to others, with the proceeds going to the charity of their choice. We support the logistics of the sales, ensure the proceeds go to charity, and assist with documentation for buyers and sellers.

Stuff for Good does not solicit contributions for the charities that use our service; nor do we plan, manage, or assist with fundraising campaigns for charities. We merely provide a platform that makes it easy for anyone to sell their stuff to benefit charity.